Strong as Snow

I am fine
with fragility
And gently falling

I am fine
being feminine
being light
And crystallized

I am fine with the pulse of water
And refined crystallization
I am fine
Being a snowflake.

If it means I own my body,
And fill my soul with kindness.

I am fine being a snowflake
If it means everyone is unique
And each life is precious

I am fine being a snowflake
If it means a child feels joy
And zero worries
When choosing between
Pink or blue

I am fine
Being masculine
Being rugged

I am fine
Being in between

Femme as in fuck you
Homme as in love you

I am fine being a snowflake
If it means I am unafraid                                                                                                                                                   To be my highest self

I am fine being a snowflake
If it means a return to unity
Rather than disturbia’s toxicity

Here we are not forced into cloning
Our perception, or conception,
We are not condoning,
The status quo of war
Of chronic destruction
And international hostility

I accept being a snowflake,
For to your expensive drones,
It is easier to categorize
And to target bodies.

It is easier to reduce
Than to magnify
It is lazier to ignore
The endless possibilities
Of our shapeless form

Not all minds are ready
For diversity
Thus the adversity
But we are not worried

When we crumble
With hate speech
Policemen gunning
Mob hunger

And door to door

And physical
And lawful

We are joining
Into our mass of snow
We are forming
An expansive snowstorm
That may blanket the earth
And reclaim the world.


By: Lady Delyriah (Xaymara Díaz)

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