About Us

We are a collective of 16 writers that wrote, designed and published four bilingual anthologies, and want to keep creating. After the books, we realized we needed more.

So here we are; creating a space so that we can share this experience with you.

Our mission

To provide an accessible platform for emerging writers, and with it an educational and guiding space to amplify their voices. We seek to engage with the creative community and share bold and engaging content.

Our Vision

To embolden boricua literary and artistic content creation, through active engagement with a new generations and cultures that defies the norm.


A long time ago (not that long), in the enchanted island of Puerto Rico there was a class…

Emergent Narratives was an experimental course one professor thought would be fun to teach at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus during the 2016 Fall Semester.

What the professor didn’t expect was that he would have to throw away his syllabus mid semester. We went through the entire course in one month. We were starving for creation. We wrote and wrote our souls out. Our dynamic was so palpable, so strong, so synchronized, that this just wasn’t a class anymore, this was heaven.

We actively demanded homework. The professor did not have a choice.

It became a workshop, an ascendance into publication, not for the sake of academia, but for the sake of therapy, of survival, of art.

Thanks to him, Boricua Beauty  was born and it is what it is today: a published work, a collection of unorthodox exercises that can better portray the absurd reality we face nowadays.

It went from a crazy idea to this very real thing.

We started with a 4 book set of wonder. We put together a fresh look into narrative, into poetry, into design and we poured it into the pages of four beautiful paperback units.

We were born to write, defy and emerge.

We are immortalized in the sanctity of the written word. This set of books has everything: comedy, horror, drama, poetry, beautiful design, conspiracy theories, everything you need to hate us for having thought of it first.

And because he did it for us, now we pay it forward.

Our Books
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