You matter, I matter, everyone matters

You matter, I matter, everyone matters

Words that are so simple to read

Yet to difficult to comprehend.

For those who sit at the priviledge’s bench

How can you say that we value less?

We don’t value more, we’re all equal

Not indocumented, we’re legal

Legal to have a life, to live in a place

To learn new cultures, to make new friends.

You want to trust in people the same way as I do

Because your life matters, and mine too.


We see the same scenery, all over again

Same rages, protesters and only one question

Will all of this still be in vain?

Will cease to exist sense of communication?

Or comprehension?


He’s white, you’re black and I’m a mix of two

When will we learn that our best weapon is an “I love you”?

It’s our fault to let others take our dignity

Knowing that they’ll wipe away, all of our identity

But you matter, I matter, everyone matters

As long as there’s love and respect

There’s one thing we should defend

The lives of the people, and find justice

For those who have fallen, and went to heaven.


I matter, you matter, he matters, she matters, we matter, they matter.

No matter the color, language, gender, or ethnicity

Everyone matters.


By: Carmen A. Figueroa Guzmán

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