Sometimes Chocolate doesn’t fix everything

Chocolate is sweet
Sometimes dark
Sometimes white
Sometimes green

Chocolate is friendly
Sometimes it comes with a surprise inside
To make people smile

Chocolate is support
When you need a boost in your academic and professional life
Even in your period

Chocolate is thoughtful
Sometimes it thinks for others
Sometimes understands the needs of others

Chocolate is warm
Sometimes substitutes human’s company
Sometimes gives everything that others ever wanted

Chocolate can do all
But not the important things that human need the most
Like having human contact

Chocolate can’t cure a heartbreak
It can’t bring a dead relative back to life
It can’t help ease depression

Chocolate won’t help lose weight
It will give you acne
And risk your health

Chocolate is the antagonist
It’s won’t stop Global Warming
It’s won’t stop Capitalism

Chocolate is slavery
Doesn’t acknowledge one’s effort
Doesn’t care if you do a good job

Chocolate is not love
Doesn’t give you good night kisses
Doesn’t console you when your sad

Chocolate is not a protector
It didn’t preserve when Maria striked
And now less with COVID-19

Chocolate is unreliable
It won’t help you
Cause it doesn’t fix everything.


By: María Díaz

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