God’s Wrath

One day we will get smote
I pray for divine judgement
for all our sins our numerous
Let us all die already!
I scream as I scroll through her photos
and remember her giggles and kisses.
Where is that rogue gamma ray
that will obliterate the planet
and reunite me with my dear grandpa?
Oh how I yearn for divine vengeance
I am a doomsayer who wishes not for forgiveness
But punishment, punishment, punishment,


To which end I call upon a wrath
that is an other’s, yet seeps into my own
I cannot tell, yet
the creeping dread and sorrow
is defeating me
if this life is war
and every heart beat a battle march

So let me scream into the night
And stride on during the day
I will not lose to life until my heart stops
and I will rage and yearn for my own destruction
as well as the end of life as I know it
To struggle against life is to struggle against oblivion
Lusting for both, hoping for the end to be joyous

By: Porrata

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