The Boy At The End Of The Tunnel (Part 1)

Wrong Way


It is well known that rainy nights and thunderstorms usually imply a bad omen.  A foreshadowing to an unforeseen disaster or an ominous tragedy.  It might sound rather cliché, or a horror movie trope but that is exactly how I feel right now.  Driving on the way back home, I can’t help but think that something bad will cross my path, especially since the road is insanely dark and the sky is pouring its wrath.  I should’ve just stayed at home, I didn’t even want to go to that stupid wedding in the first place, we were never even that close. If I had to describe what is happening at this very moment in this cursed and inhabited paved graveyard-like highway, I would simply say, apocalypse.  It’s dreadful enough to think that I have to drive about 150 miles to get some damn sleep, and now this godforsaken rain is making my life a thousand times more miserable.

About 40 minutes in, I needed a breather.  The rain was straining my vision, not to mention there wasn’t even a soul or light to be seen, it was as if everyone had ceased to exist and I was the last human alive.  All these scenarios rose my anxiety, I was getting a headache, but there was no way in hell I was going to pull over in the middle of the night in a deserted street.  I’ve seen way too many horror movies to know that that’s always a horrible idea, along with investigating what’s the weird noise coming from the basement… like are they serious? just get the hell out of there. God, my mind always wanders elsewhere during crucial times… FOCUS.  Straight ahead the only sign of life (or death) was seen.  As the car moved a bright light became brighter and brighter as I approached the source, a huge tunnel.  I might have been paranoid, but I had a very bad feeling about this. This was supposed to be a two-way road; therefore, I thought I was taking the same road back, however, I didn’t remember any tunnel when I was headed to the wedding.   I had followed the GPS both times, I was certain I was heading the right direction.  I looked at the address I had entered on the GPS and it was correct.  Maybe the GPS took me through a shortcut, I mean even if the GPS took me through another route, the address is supposed to lead to my apartment, so I shouldn’t worry about it.

The closer I got to the Tunnel, the more uneasy I got. I can’t exactly explain the feeling, the hairs at the back of my neck and arm rose as I felt a cold chill down my spine.  I entered the tunnel, it was excruciatingly bright, way too bright for a tunnel.  It was quite an abrupt transition, I was nearly blinded, who the hell designed this shit, that could definitely cause an accident.  As I drove in deeper, the tunnel seemed endless, I felt as if I was driving for hours, but It had only been a couple of minutes, or seconds…not sure.  Maybe I died in an accident and didn’t even notice, and this was my one-way ticket to wherever I’m destined to go after death… Again Lai FO.CUS.  A few insufferable minutes later, I could finally see the end of the tunnel.  My heart sunk with relief as I released a sigh of reassurance.  Just inches from the end, my car stopped, and the tunnel became darker than the night.  I couldn’t even see the outside anymore and not a single sound was heard.  I panicked and began to hyperventilate.  I was alone in the middle of nowhere, no power, no illumination, just plain darkness and dead silence.  I was contemplating if I should stay inside or go outside, but at that moment I believed the safest choice was to stay inside and call for help.

I reached for my handbag and searched for my cellphone.  Phone in hand I proceed to unlock the screen only to find out that the phone is also dead.  What predictable turn of events is this?  Will I really die here like this? A stupid death I so critiqued in the 101 horror movies I’ve trashed? There was no other choice but to maintain my calm and hope the lights, the car or the phone, whichever decided to stop acting up first, would turn on.  I could’ve tried to get out of the car and see if anyone comes for help, but that would’ve just been a suicide mission.

In the middle of the cold and moist night, I sat trembling inside my almost run-down car, waiting  for a miracle to happen.  Even though it was a chilly evening, I was sweating gallons and shaking at the same time.  Stupid Mara, this was all her fault, I could’ve been laying on my bed, chilling with Netflix and a bucket of ice cream. Seconds later, a strange sparkle was noticeable coming from the arch of the tunnel.  I blinked twice in disbelief, but my mind was not playing tricks with me, the sparkle was there, levitating in midair.  NOPE, I was not walking towards it, I don’t care if it kills me, but if it will, I won’t serve my head on a silver platter, come and get it yourself, you demonic energy.

I waited there for heavens knows how long and the light was still there, levitating unmoving and completely mute.  I tried switching the engine once again, but it was hopeless, the motherfu…rball was utterly dead, and so was the phone.  I averted my gaze from the floating glowing dust for a small second, and when I looked again, I could’ve sworn that thing was farther before.  Are you kidding me?!!  SHIT… just my luck.  Stay calm, maybe is just an optical illusion created by the shadows and the fog. Or maybe, I’m definitely dying tonight.  I hid under the dash, I have no idea what I would accomplish by doing that, but I didn’t know what else to do, I was terrified.  At that very moment I was experiencing something I had never felt before, I felt helpless and scared.  At that moment I understood why many say that people only remember God, when they’re on the brink of death.  I’m not an atheist, but I rarely pray, and at that moment I did exactly that, pray.  Pray for my life, pray for forgiveness and pray for another chance.  Despite always saying I’ve lived a meaningless life, I wanted to hold on to that dull, empty life I so much hated.

While having that small panic attack episode, the lights of the tunnel turned back on and so did the car.  I pressed the accelerator as hard as I could and headed towards the end.  Almost without breath, I looked at the rearview mirror and what I witnessed was even more frightening than those few minutes I spent with the unknown source of light.  I saw a figure of what appeared to be a naked boy, standing there under the tunnel’s arch.  Alone and too skinny to be a living child.  It could’ve been my imagination, or a distortion caused by the rain, but for a split second, his body twitched, and somehow glitched as if I was looking at a defective tv screen. After that, his mouth seemed to open as if he was about to say something, and just like that, he vanished into a mist, and I focused on the road ahead again.  I had no idea what that was, but I kept on going, I don’t know where, but so God help me, I hoped this road led me back home.

To be continued…

By Jess

Part 2

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