The Last Hope

I shouldn’t have been me, but it was

It was a matter of life and death

We ran out of resources, yet I denied

That by killing you I will stop this war

War, people, life, death

Love, fear, losing, friends

We never knew it would’ve ended like this

From the moment I joined, I begun to have a will

But it didn’t took long enough for them to call me the witch

Everyone knew my scarlet power, and at some point they feared it.

But there was one man who saw me different.

One mind, who showed me mercy.

Who called me dear, who made me love

And together we met the world.

Running from the authorities we went

Until circumstances reunited old friends.

We expected a threat and with power he emerged

Nobody could beat him as my choice was made

I tried, I cried and suppressed the anxiety that I held

It wasn’t the moment to crumble, it was time to stay strong

Just like I did when my brother left the world.

We felt each other as he accepted his fate,

My tears rolled down as the enemy came

I held him back, asking why life was unfair

But it was imminent, even if we all became dead

At least I could finish my last quest

He finishes his words as my heart aches

The damage is done, he vanishes in the air.

Everything got stopped, the war has ended

And I felt his hand pat my head.

I flinch in fear, natural of my kind

Perhaps, there’s still humanity in me

After killing the love of my life.

His words are deep, he calls me his child

He feels empathy for me?

He could never understand.

In the blink of an eye I saw him again,

He was brought back to life

Just to kill it himself.

It was in seconds, and with my last breath

I tried to stop him but he threw me away.

It was done, we’ve all lost.

The air felt cold as I reach his grey

It was a lifeless body, the reflection of pain

My dear, my love, what I have done?

I feel my body face his ultimate goal

This time I surrender, there’s no point in keep going

Laying back as my soul is kept away from hurting

I close my eyes, giving up, felling the last sense of guilt and regret.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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