Words from a tired Puerto Rican

Disclaimer: The opinions of the writers does not reflect the political posture of Boricua Beauty. Boricua Beauty Magazine respects the opinions of it’s writers and provides a space for everyone who has a talent for creative writing.

Fire, guns, gas, panic

Heat, chanting, fury, crying

Fights, runs, destruction, words

Feel, think, stand, alone?

No. Together

The people have made the decision to stand together against the ones who betrayed them.

The people have made their choice to fight for what’s right. To demand that their now considered ex-leader resign off his duties, because he has failed them.

He has dishonored them. Their sons, daughters, their men, women and children who won’t know the feelings of us, the people, and what we’re facing right now because they no longer exist. Because a category 5 hurricane with the help of a government who didn’t delivered the humanitarian help on time took their lives away forever. They won’t know because they are no longer here, but they will be remembered and they will be defended by the remaining souls who, in one way or another, stand against their leader.

I’m not supposed to say this but here, I am speaking not only as a writer but as a human being. I am writing in the names of those who are no longer with us, in the name of those who are risking their lives out there, and in the names of those who have stayed and have left to fight for a better future. I am a Puerto Rican woman who read the 889 pages of the Telegram chat and found horrible things I prefer not to remember. And as hard those words may be, I and the people will not be blinded. Because the immense corruption we’ve been facing for years have once again been showed to us thanks to the federal agents in previous weeks. And that is the real problem. Corruption. People taking advantage of their country, stealing, closing schools, hospitals and leaving others to die of hunger and necessity. And those who still live have to go through horrible working laws that don’t let them progress in life because they have to pay the double amount of the money they’re earning. That’s the real crisis the people is facing.

I don’t have to live enough years to say that I am against violence. But in cases like this, the people cannot pretend to hide the sky with one hand. We cannot pretend to be the most cult and educated people when it comes to confronting these issues when our own government doesn’t have any respect for us. And yes, the people chose them to be their leaders because this is a democracy, but that doesn’t mean that once they have all the power they can change everything in their favor. The same country that placed them on those positions, will be the same who will take them out if they don’t do what’s right for the country.

The people must fight but not let the true message get lost in our passion and emotions. They have to be more intelligent and remember that going to the extreme is as bad as not doing anything at all. However, a European man said a few days ago on an interview during a protest, that sometimes the people has to fight and spread fear to their government. That’s true. The people should not fear the government, the government should fear the people. And sadly, the government has forgot that.

It’s sad and frustrating seeing this whole situation happening, and of course, I only feel pity about the children of the governor because they’re children. Once they grow up they will discover the truth about who his father is. But as sad and frustrating things may be, the governor must make a choice before this goes out of control. The people have woke up. The country has woke up. So I only say this, for your children’s sake governor (If I can still call you like that), stop lying to the people, be a true man, resign and take away your entire team with you.


By: Carmen A. Figueroa Guzmán

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