Silent Play

Silent voices may not pose a threat,
But fine sharp words can cut the thickest thread,
And through silence they can slowly spread,
Readying to strike while the targets enjoys the bread,
Blind sheep finely slaughtered, painting color red.

The mind is a fine forge and most tend to forget,
Beware the hidden smiths, before you make the bet,
Don’t get ahead, it’s the silent ones who make you regret,
With their hidden blades, which no one can detect,

So watch out, beware how you step your way,
For carelessness, is something you would have to pay,
The wrong move can lead down, there is no need to say,
So watch out before you decide to make your play,

There is only forward, once you join the fray,
One instance can decide the length of your stay,
Not just on the plane, but your place on the clay,
The lethality each second ensues will never fade,
So better sharpen your mind and your worded blade,
Since any second could lead to your grave parade.


By: Jan M. Ramos

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