Beauty Shutter : A call to all Photographers!!!

May is Photography Month and Boricua Beauty is exhorting every photographer and photography enthusiast to share their pictures with us.

Boricua Beauty is not only about written literature, but also about any other form of expression that can give anyone the opportunity to convey and communicate that passion within them. A photograph can open a whole new perspective in everyday life, or it can show us tantalizing stories of visuals that hold many stories.

Telling a story goes further beyond written literature. A story can be seen, smelled, touched, felt; a plot can be unraveled in many forms; and a scene can be worth more than a million stanzas. Delving into unimagined places, feelings and emotions, sensations that cannot be explained with simple words, passages we wish to encounter. These and much more, are the things that motivate us to keep writing, keep creating, producing, inspiring.

Just as we crave to reach out to others with our extravagant thinking and unstoppable passion, we encourage you to do the same.  We possess an insatiable desire to build a platform for people to show the world what each and everyone of us is capable of. If you love taking pictures of anything, then right here and now is an opportunity to shine and let that talent be recognized.

During this month, send us any photo you wish to share to: and we will publish it on our online magazine and social medias. We will also use the pictures for writing prompts during this month. Don’t be afraid and think that you are not good enough, here in Boricua Beauty everyone has talent to spare and grow, no one is less or more, and every photograph will be well received.

We will not accept any offensive or hateful pictures (this includes sesationalist and/or discriminatory texts). We would not accept any graphic or explicit content (sexual, violence, etc.)  Any submission that does not follow the few specifications that we kindly asked for will not be published.


Remember “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Stay Beautiful!!

Look at our Gallery here

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