“I should’ve stayed on the bus”

I should have, but I couldn’t help it.

The world needed a man like me

To bring the justice, and world peace.

So it was like any other day,

Where the spider saved all his friends.

But this was different, way out of my league

Something new, something I’ve never seen.

I got picked up after fighting some monsters

This is an alien, this is getting crazier!

I can’t breathe, I find myself falling

But not enough time pass before I feel myself growing

It smells new, it smells different

But it doesn’t compare to what I’m about to be living

I became a warrior, a great hero

And it feels great although I got a bit of fear

We land in a deserted place

Looks like a planet with the remains of death

My senses are kicking, I feel company

Strange beings with rage are coming

They seem clumsy, yet are terrifying

I tried to fight them but they caught me

As time pass we somehow made an agreement

And we fight, together as a team

To defeat an enemy that in my life I thought he existed.

He was strong, we could barely beat him

But once we got him she made him feel sleepy

And he spoke, and we all lost the chance

He gained the advantage, he tore us apart.

He fought until there was nothing left of us

It was critical, he left us alone.

There was silence, we didn’t say a word

Then they vanished, they lived no more

I felt everything, everyone was gone

I don’t feel so good, I don’t wanna go

Please sir, I want other choice

My body’s disintegrating, I’m leaving this world

Oh May, I’m sorry for all

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

*Based on Spiderman, “Avengers: Infinity War”

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