You vs. The World

Everybody fights their own battles. Some of them are against another creature or human being, others are against the environment where you live in, your family, friends, work, etc. Even some of them can be fought together as a group while others, have to be fought within our minds and our souls.

Some of the fights you are facing right now may not be significant to others because they find it a bit silly or not that important in the moment you share your own personal concern with them. But that specific problem means the world to you, because it affects you. Whether is mentally or physically speaking, that situation you’re confronting makes you realize the pain you’re feeling is a sensation only imperfect human beings like you can understand, because it has touched you.

There are days when you think that problem is very easy to overcome. It could be done by paying that debt you owed to somebody or some capitalist corporation, or by simply snapping an insult to a person who was making you feel horrible and you had no other choice but to defend yourself.  Yet sometimes, you face certain problems where you just want to lay down in a corner and cry until your eyes got sick of releasing those tears, hoping that the problem might disappear forever. And this, my friend, is a perfectly normal behavior because you are not perfect and the world is a cruel monster that wants you to be the perfect little doll meant to do whatever they told you to do.

Am I right?

So this is you, reading a bunch of words meant to be a nice article from someone like me. A journalist who somehow, managed to become a published writer, entered a talent and modeling agency and works as an administrative assistant for a company. Yes, sounds like I am a very stable person with a clear direction of where I am going and what I will do in the future. But in reality, I’m just a nerdy human being who has maybe the same or other problems like you. Who very often has self-confidence problems, who’s not used to be the center of attention yet likes it and want to be someday, someone who could influence and inspire people in a positive way while helping to make a change in the world through dramatic arts and literature. That’s me, that’s who I am and what want to do in life but like you, I also have issues to solve, traumas, and fears to overcome because I am human.

You are human.

We are humans.

What do I want to do with this? I certainly don’t know. Maybe I want you to recognize that no matter what kind of problems you are facing right now, depression, anxiety, violence, self-confidence or economic problems… I want you to remember that you are not alone and that is perfectly normal to face those problems in life. But this doesn’t mean that you will only crawl to death thinking of that. Because once you recognize who you are and how deep you have fallen, that’s the moment, that’s the time when you will only realize your true worth. That’s the moment when the battle against everything you once believed, starts.

It’s hard to say it, but only dark times makes you realize who you are, where you stand and what do you want to do in life. So face it, this is your battle, your deal, your matter and if you need help don’t hesitate to ask for it. Because it is okay to seek for help. It’s a human aspect of ours that shouldn’t be put to shame because the world believes it. The strongest souls are those who admit their own flaws and work hard enough to mold them to their favor. So there you go, a compilation of crazy thoughts and feelings from a writer who had nothing else to do but to follow her inspiration. What do you think of it? Do you feel like wanting to have a talk or at least, read my rants about life? Stay tuned if you want to read more.

1 thought on “You vs. The World

  1. I think you have the beginnings of a great career here in the writing community! We love altruism and empathy.

    Keep writing, my friend- looking forward to seeing what you make of this.


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