There is something I really wanted to say from the very moment we’ve met.  You seemed to be another being, tired of getting bored and trying to find a life to live. I judged you just because you came from another world, another environment that gave you the thousands opportunities in less than a year. Those were the same opportunities I longed to have and I didn’t obtained in a lifetime.

So when they mentioned you, I had my doubts. I thought I’ll be dealing with an egocentric human being ready to spat in my face whenever he liked, the type of live I probably will never have. Maybe you were even gonna show up against me about all the things you’ve done in a hundred places. All the people you’ve met and all the places you’ve got to see and feel and walk, and breathe. Maybe you were gonna talk about how incredibly handsome you are and about how you got all the white chicks from every country you step in. Or about all the awesome contacts you have to make your own business at the time and the rate you like because you don’t feel the economical need to depend on one job to live a full and honest life. Contrary to my case, you practically have everything at your feet. You can travel the world, change of jobs, and have not a single worry of what may happen next because you come from a place, where money already grows from the trees. All of this while I, scratch the dirt to plant my own and wait for the time to decide when exactly it will bloom.

But then I saw something different. Maybe it was just a protocol, or a simple first impression thingy that we, humans are used to interact with. But something was odd when I first exchanged words with you. You were willing to listen to my ideas, to my thoughts of how the world worked and how my life was. You were fascinated with the things I’ve done and I’m working on right now and it showed clearly in your not so big, baby blue eyes. Hell, I didn’t even knew they were blue until I dared to look straight at your face. And somehow, you made my mind admit that you really made a great impression of yourself. I didn’t even knew when exactly my cheeks started to blush and then being extra conscious of how my in-between pixie and no pixie cut looked and how my face was perfectly looking.  Of course you wouldn’t notice this. How can you possibly notice in a girl like me? We don’t know each other. The only fact that brought us together is that we coincidentally have the same expertise and work in the same place. And that your uncle wants us to work together in a project. Unfortunately, I have to do it not only because they pay me, but because you have nothing else to do and your family wants you to do something productive. Well, at least I’m working with someone of my age. Not that it really matters of course. But it feels good to be in a working team when you’re not the “little baby girl”.

Back to the theme. You were extremely captivating the moment you talked. You have a presence that makes me wonder how exactly you are outside of the working environment. It is something I really would want to know, if you let me of course. I have nothing to offer you, only a long history of trying and getting denied, or succeeding and suddenly getting replaced. Ups and downs until you lost count. But more than that I would like to tell you of who I am and my aspirations, what I am capable of and what my flaws are. Maybe trying to make you discover and understand the type of world I come from and why I am in this exact way. And possibly trying to understand yours and why it has influenced you so much.

There are so many things that could happen and that may not. I want to know you and befriend you more than anyone would dare to go. I know it’s weird ‘cause you will never expect this. Not from someone like me. But it happened in this way. It is what it is.

“Girl, let’s go! It’s feeding time!” said one of my coworkers as I watched her get up and grab her belongings before heading down stairs. I quickly hid the document where I was writing and replaced it with another report I was working on. Maybe this is the only way I could be myself while working my normal days during the week. Especially when I don’t have anything to do because I already did all the work efficiently.

I don’t know what will happen next, or if I will ever get the chance to have another full conversation with you again. Just like we did last time, face to face, talking about each other before our time was up. I can still hear the romantic song they used to play in one of the most popular and dramatic movies of all time. It’s ironic though, the story is about how to souls from different social status dared to fall in love and be together until death literally teared them apart. And here we are, an entire century later, talking about each other’s stories. Anyway, it’s just a theory and it will probably mean nothing.

Or it will?


2 thoughts on “Irony

  1. It was soo engrossing and hypnotic. Lovely…


  2. I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were very useful invaluable


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