Crimson Sky

“There’s a reason why the sky turned red. Why it resembles a past pain as it emerges in a new day…”

Everyday marks a new beginning in everyone’s life. There is always a new resemblance of what could’ve been and what will be, but no one really knows the true version of it. Not until there’s a day when everything falls.

I don’t mean it literary, if that’s what you’re thinking. Although it may be like that sometimes because you never know. But if we dig into our minds, and feel the aura our ancestors left in our souls, we could begin to understand why the sky is red.

They say the sky’s actions and affairs often reflect a living creature’s emotions. But that doesn’t make any sense right? How can there’ll be a rainy day when a person’s feelings are of happiness? Or how can there exist a sad person in a shiny and bright day? You see, the answer to these questions are, that we, the present living creatures of this land cannot control how the sky might act or think. But oh, how many times has it watched us kill ourselves or love ourselves and do crazy things to one another simply because that all it can do.

They sky reflects the living creature’s emotions. But what if they are not from the present, but from the past? What if the way the sky wakes up in a specific day reflect what people were feeling on that specific moment?

In that case, why it was red?

“And the sky fell, showing the crimson colors of those who perished believing that one day, the world may become a better place.”

This is what I once wrote for the caption of a picture I took during a Tuesday morning. It was dark on the bottom, cold because it was Christmas season, and silent because it was no more than 6 o’clock. I was on my way to work right before I looked at the sky. The crimson peak sky, showing the first rays of light that were about to define the rest of the day. Then a single thought crossed my mind as I took a shot of how the sky was feeling today. What if something happened on this day in a different era? What if those intense colors reflect instead, the bloody feeling of a perishing soul in an era of cruelty? What if the red tone became an emblem that immortalized an event for generations? A scar that got stuck into the sky that will show every once in a while just to remember the lives of innocent people who in their time believed in the idea of living in the world that we live today?

What if, what if…

There could be so many questions and thoughts emerging from a single picture I took on a Tuesday morning. In fact, I could even sit and ignore the fact that I must go to work simply because I want to admire the gift mother nature and our ancestors may have given us. A free gift, meant to be admired and often getting ignored by the force of routine.

Since now I’m just a human, a mere human that needs to have a schedule to win a green paper that may give her a better lifestyle one day… I’ ma just comment that I took a perfect picture of this special day…

Oh who am I kidding! I’m already finishing a story about it!

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