Ten Thousand Reasons

I seek deep inside and yet I cannot find,

a valid reason to describe this love I have for you,

a flaming heart that burns for you.

Day in day out, your movie plays in my heart.

Nightfall and morning break, dreams of you remain within.

You’re the beautiful queen of my dreams;


You’re the star in all my movies.

My partner in crime, the only one I wish to be with tonight.

Trust every rhyme ‘cause I’m so close to where my heart belongs.

Like an angel, you shine, piercing the night that clouds my heart;

Like a seraph, you fight the shadows that haunt my soul;

For this and many more, are the reasons my heart loves yours.


A simple poem is not enough, or words cannot describe.

My love for you is simply because I do, for all the big and small things you do;

I love you simply because it’s you

My heart has ten thousand reasons for loving you.

P.s. I Love You


By: Chris J. Orona


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