An Unexpected Change of Fate

“Cure him, please!”

That was the only thing I spoke or, plead to the doctor so he could do something to my brother. He was suffering from a strange fever that was difficult to identify, even with the best technologies of time. I saw the doctor do some kind of experiment with him, or so I call it like that. But it was no use. He still couldn’t control the fever and now my brother was shaking and sweating uncontrollably. After fifteen more minutes of checking him, the doctor finally packed his things, took me out of the room and said:

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do”

“What do you mean? What does he have?”

He didn’t know what to respond. He just sighed, putting his hand on my shoulder while looking with sad eyes like if he knew that he didn’t do enough to save him. A bunch of fresh air went through us, telling me that it was a matter of time that he would be leaving this world to find the eternal life. I didn’t want to enter the white room. I didn’t accept it, so instead of spending his last few minutes standing by his side as his older brother, I just simply ran away. Yes, away from the reality of losing my brother thanks to a strange fever that nobody knows how to treat.

I knew that I must’ve ran far because once I stopped, I found myself surrounded by a weird group of buildings. They were painted in different colors but there were cracked and dirty, full of crazy writing made with different designs. It must’ve been an abandoned street of the city because there was almost no traffic, the streets were full of trash, old newspapers, bags, broken leafs… but the weirdest thing of all is that I saw a dark figure standing in the middle of the street, and staring at me.

I tried to ignore it as I turned around and walked away, pretending that I knew the road back and praying that he wouldn’t follow me. But I was wrong, very wrong. I sensed his footsteps coming closer as time went by. I continued walking while gradually increasing my speed. Suddenly, the upcoming thunderstorm made its presence, announcing his arrival with his sound followed by an intense rain.

By that time I was running, not caring of the strange figure, man or monster that was following me. I glanced back trying to get a better view of him and to my surprise, his shining red eyes stared to my soul as he released a wicked laugh.

My heart was about to explode but I didn’t care. If I was about to join my little brother tonight it better not be by the hands of this being!

“He’s in position” I heard someone say from afar. I looked around in vain trying to comprehend everything, but it was no use. The moment I looked away was the moment my legs tripped, making me fall on the dead ground. I hit my head with the corner of the sidewalk, releasing enough blood to get mixed with the water.

What I saw or heard next was really confusing. The strange being came up to me, followed by two other different figures. I could distinguish the voice of a woman between what seemed like two male ones.

“Well that was quick! It’s a shame that we never got to catch the other one” one man said.

“You know you could’ve been creepier with that wicked laugh of yours, Victor” the woman scolded to the other with a determined voice as she checked my head.

“You don’t know fun” Victor complained.

“And you don’t know when to stop” she replied.

“But the plan worked!”

“He’s losing too much blood” she said while ignoring Victor. “Jake pick him up. We have to meet the others at the ship before it’s too late.”

“Why? He can walk!” Jake stated.

“Blame Victor” she said.

“Hey!” he replied.

Jake rolled his eyes before picking me up. “Fine I’ll do it. But if he dies during the way it’s not my fault. I want to make that clear when we report this.”

Everything was confusing. One of the three beings carried me with them, mentioning something about my brother. Who are these people? What do they know about my brother? About me? I tried my best to remain conscious long enough to know where they were taking me. The strange, colored buildings slowly turned into tall, rustic leaves and trees.

Then I heard how a strange machine started working. A light came from inside as another creature spoke some weird things to the woman. She nodded before following him and making some hand signals for the others to continue. The rustic leaves and trees where no longer around me. Everything was replaced by metallic walls with strange patterns and neon colors. I felt how my back touched a cold metallic bed, its strange sensation getting into my veins and touching my soul.

I moved my head to the left, trying to see my surroundings before spotting a familiar body lying on a similar bed like mine. I got agitated once again, remembering what we’ve been through and what the doctor said minutes before I ran away and ended up in this mess.

“Brother! Brother!” I yelled while sobbing and crying. I only wanted him to answer me and tell me that he was okay. But the woman I saw before came to my side and blocked the view I had of him.

“It’s time to sleep little boy.” She said calmly.

“Who are you? What are you doing to him?” I replied trying to sound determined and fearless. Her dark brown eyes stared at mine and, for a moment, I felt like we knew each other.

She touched my cheek gently and managed to make a tiny but genuine smile. “You’ll find out soon.”

Then I felt how it became harder for me to stay awake. I looked at my left hand realizing that the woman gave me something to make me sleep. I was mad but also really scared and confused. By this time I feared for my life, but I also feared for my brother’s.

“Please just…..don’t touch him…” I said before losing consciousness. The woman smiled.

“As you wish, my King.”

By Carmen Angélica Figueroa

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