The Dollhouse

Tick tock on these empty halls, tick tock is all I hear, for every second, tick tock and it goes on forever, it’s the only living sound on these halls, the only thing that gives it any sign of life. It’s a very empty dead silence though, if not for the tick tock I would have surely gone mad, it’s so quiet that I can hear my heart beating in anxiety. After a year and a half, I still cannot get over it, it’s so bizarre though; one day she wakes up, we have breakfast and after a very ominous phone call she just leaves the house, “I’ll be back, something caught my attention”, she said before leaving and I never saw her again. She never returned home, without a trace and no sudden warning she just vanished, after so long the only thing the police have to explain her disappearance is tick tock from that accursed clock on the wall.

I come by the police station every week or so; requesting updates on my sister’s disappearance but, the police have not found a damn thing. All I do when I come by is sit on this damn hall for long hours and when I’m finally greeted by a detective I receive the same news; nothing has been found so far. I’m truly sick and tired of waiting around for lady justice to pass down judgement so I’m taking matters into my own hands. I really doubt she’s alive, it’s been too long since she disappeared but at the very least I want closure for whatever happened to her, even if it costs me my life. She would have been 20 years old right now, soon to turn 21 on October 31 had she not disappeared. According to the police she dialed 911 and they traced the phone call to an abandoned farm located about 35 minutes from here, the police say the signal was very dim, all that was made out from the call was a cry for help. Allegedly, when the police got to the farm there was nothing there, her phone was found at the barns entrance and she was nowhere to be found, there was no trace of her, just her phone. Forensics did not find anything out of the ordinary on her cell phone other than the regular teenage crap, party pictures, hangout with friends, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I got nothing to lose, my sister was my everything and now that she’s gone I honestly don’t really care for anything else other than shedding some light in this, my best bet right now is to check out that abandoned farm. My expectations are very low however, the police never found a damn thing in one year so chances of me finding something are pretty much zero.

Insanity means to attempt the same action and expect a different result; coming back here on the weekly basis is just that, insanity. If the police did not find anything after so long, I don’t think they are going to find anything at all, with that much in my mind I left the police station and drove back home. Once I got home I sat in her bed, absorbing every thought of her, using my pain as strength to fuel my thirst for retribution; my sweet baby, I promise you I will bring down whoever is behind this, this will be my last gift for you, Debbie. I grabbed her laptop and decided to do a very thorough search of her emails, social media and I even installed a software to check her phone applications through the laptop; her wallpaper did catch my attention, it’s a picture of her holding hands with a guy, he’s wearing a cap that says “Hoyt” and has a deer skull logo, funny I didn’t know she had a boyfriend but, then again, she was too private which ended up being the product of her downfall, I searched for hours and barely had any sleep. To my disappointment, I did not find anything, the only thing that’s left for me to check is her emails, I filtered the messages to the date where I last saw her, and it caught my eye an email from her best friend Melissa.

“Look who I found going into that abandoned farm house with another girl”

Surely enough, the email had a picture attachment of the same guy on her wallpaper, walking to the same abandoned farm where Debbie was last seen but, he’s with another girl and he’s wearing the same hat backwards that says “Hoyt”. Now how the hell did the police missed this? The emails were configured on her cellphone, if anything, I should have been informed of this! I’m calling the station in the morning, I want answers… no you know what, no, fuck them. I can’t trust them anymore, it’s 1:00 am, this would be the perfect timing to do some exploration unnoticed. I felt anxious and upset, the adrenaline inside of me got the best of me, and I stormed out of my house without making any preparations, no flashlights, no weapons, just my cell phone with a half full battery and drove straight to the abandoned farm.

Once I arrived at the abandoned farmhouse I quickly noticed how pitch black it was and how much I had messed up. There was no source of light in this place other than the very dim street lights about 75 feet from the farmhouse, I wasn’t going to turn back so I used my cell phone as a flashlight and checked out the barn. Needless to say, but the damn thing was spooky, it was dark, reeked of humid wood and was empty, there was absolutely nothing here, no trace of Debbie either. Without a moment to spare, I headed towards the farmhouse and tried to look inside through the windows, the windows were so dirty that the only thing I saw was my reflection, I jolted at the door and attempted to open it but it was locked, I decided to go around the farmhouse and try to get in using the back door, strangely enough, the back door was opened.

Though it did not look like much from the outside, this was a huge farmhouse, kind of reminds me of the farmhouse from the Texas chainsaw massacre movies, which made it more terrifying to even think of what I would find inside. I slowly made my way into the house and looked around, it was so dark inside my wimpy cell phone flashlight could only light the path in front of me about 12 inches far, this place was disgusting, it smelled like something had been rotting for days, it’s the most grotesque stench I have ever been exposed to. I was in the kitchen of the farmhouse and as I aimed my flashlight around the big mystery behind the putrid smell was solved, there were pots filled with a strange black liquid inside, piles of dirty moldy dishes in the sink and roaches were crawling everywhere, there were so many flies that I had to cover my mouth and nose to prevent them from going inside of me, overall the place was very unpleasant.

I exited the kitchen slowly and walked along a small hallway, on the left side was some stairs leading the second floor but further upfront was the living room where I saw a table stand that had a laptop on it. This made my heart beat rapidly because, if there’s a laptop here, then either people still come here, or people still live here. The laptop seemed to be stationary on a website and is logged into an account, I approached it and sat down on one of the dirty torn up couches in front of it and it was then when I noticed the computer was plugged to a portable hotspot router. The website on this laptop was very baleful, it was a black page with an abandoned house background called “The Dollhouse”, out of sheer curiosity or just plain stupidity I decided to browse around this website. Apparently, it was an online store selling very creepy realistic looking dolls, got to give credit where credit is due, this is very creative and seems harmless I mean, they are just dolls; this website had every kind of doll for sale, Lolita dolls, rag dolls, posable dolls even matryoshka dolls.

The whereabouts of this website intrigued me so, I decided to check the about section of the page but before I could do so, a chat window popped open, on the window there was a user called “Toymaker”; “noticed you have been idle on our website for about an hour now, do you need assistance?”, the message said. I knew it should’ve walked away but my lack of good judgement got the better of me and I answered.

– “Yes, I need to know what’s this website’s specialty.” I replied – “Well, we sell dolls for every need, what’s your particular need stranger?” the Toymaker replied. – “um, I like the posable ones the best.” I replied once more trying my best not to appear suspicious. – “ah yes, our posable dolls are the crème of the crop. Before you ask; yes, we ensure all our dolls are… untouched, we sew them together and knit them close to make them more dignified. This creates a rather authentic experience and they have been trained to emit only the most enjoyable pleasurable sounds. We guarantee only the best quality dolls to meet all of our client’s needs, would you like for me to schedule a live tour of our workshop?” The Toymaker replied, the conversation was getting weird and I was beginning to get a very bad feeling. – “no that won’t be necessary, I’ll just keep browsing until I find the perfect one.” I replied, attempting to stop the conversation.

– “Oh, but I’m afraid I must insist, it is the least you could do after breaking into my property, you intrusive piece of shit.” The Toymaker replied, I immediately felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach.

My hands felt frozen and I was sweating thick cold drops, my mouth felt as dry as a desert and if that feeling wasn’t dreading enough, a webcam window popped open showing my face. I freaked out and squirmed backwards against the back cushion of the couch, as my hands wiggled in panic I felt something squishy in my hand, something warm. When I aimed my cellphones light at it I noticed it was a thigh and, when I aimed my light to the left side of the couch I saw that the thigh I was grabbing belonged to a mutilated naked woman who was still alive and breathing. She couldn’t talk, all she did was moan weakly, I was horrified when I took a closer look and noticed that her knee caps and elbow joints had been removed and replaced with large wooden ball joints but that wasn’t by far the worst part, her face was disfigured, her eyes had been gouged out and were replaced with buttons that were sewn into her eye sockets, her lips had been sealed shut and knitted together forcing a smile on her face. I quickly removed my hand from her thigh, I was so terrified I couldn’t control my screaming and whimpering; I squirmed away from her to the other end of the couch until I bumped into something and I froze, I felt soft breathing on the back of my neck and it was then when I saw a hat drop to my lap, I grabbed the hat trembling and when I looked at it closely I noticed the hat said “Hoyt” and had a deer skull logo. Confused I turned over because of the breathing behind me and that’s when I saw him, naked, with his knee caps removed and elbow joints removed in cold blood, the guy my sister was apparently dating. He looks at me with a weakened visage and mumbles, “Run, just run, police know… police… corrupt… run”, he then opened his mouth and began to cry, I noticed that all his teeth had been removed along with his tongue. I immediately stood up from the couch, I was so desperate I kicked the table stand and the laptop out of the way, I aimed my cellphone’s flashlight desperately across the room. The anxiety was killing me, it was all silent around me for a while, whoever is doing this, whoever is in this house now knows I’m here but, where are they? I wanted to leave badly but not without my sister.

After dreading 10 minutes in silence, I began to hear the wooden floor creaking as heavy footsteps got closer, I looked at every possible entrance to the living room I was at and saw no signs of anyone, however, the footsteps sounded like they were right under my noses. Forget this, I’m grabbing a knife from the kitchen and killing whoever is in this farmhouse; before I could even begin making my way towards the kitchen, I heard the sound of rusted gears squeaking and clanking coming from behind me and I saw how the floor I stood on began to open revealing a very narrow dark corridor with a stairwell leading downwards. It was silent again, I couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore, as my breathing got heavier in anxiety I nervously aimed the light down the corridor and saw a tall, fat man wearing a large, dirty and blood soaked apron that covered his bare chest all the way down his feet, on his pants were doll masks dangling, that seemed to be made from human faces. He just stared up at me blankly without saying a word with the expressionless doll mask he wore, “Where is my sister!? You, sick bastard”, I yelled terrified but, he said nothing, instead he pulled out a very large cleaver and began making his way towards me.

I knew that if I ran, I would have a chance to survive, but I couldn’t just leave, I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the things I’ve seen. Part of me knows the horrifying fate Debbie suffered, but I refuse to accept it, I tried to run towards the kitchen but stumbled and fell. As I fell, I flipped what seemed to be a light switch that enlightened the room I was in. Desperately I stood up as the man with the doll mask got closer; I looked around in horror, the living room was filled with these dolls that were made out of human beings, some were posing, some were dismembered and some were just rag dolls on the floor unable to move a muscle but, they were all alive and breathing. Immediately the sounds of their suffering came in like a flood, covering the entire farmhouse, they moaned loudly begging for help. My sanity was wearing down and I began to feel dizzy, I did my best to run, but I felt the world around me spinning at the tormenting scenery I had witnessed, and then I felt his large robust hands grab me by the hairs and with one thrust backwards everything went black for me.

I opened my eyes like a newborn child, naked, disorientated, afraid and dizzy, my head hurts so much, and I can’t even think straight. I look around and the first thing I see are these abominable dolls held on stands and posing everywhere, dangling from the ceiling, I dreaded as the sound of the man with the doll mask boots approached. If I had any chance of surviving I knew I had to fight back, I sat up rapidly and noticed how my arms felt heavier than usual and for some reason I couldn’t move my legs. Because of the adrenaline I felt, I failed to notice that my knee caps and elbow joints had been replaced with wooden ball joints, on noticing the state I was in, I began to feel intense pain on every part of my body, I screamed in pain and yelled, “I’m sorry Debbie!”. As I cried drowning in my own sorrows I heard a very gentle but weakened familiar voice that said, “I love you big brother, see you on the other side…”, I turned my head towards the sound of that voice and I saw my sweet baby sister Debbie, turned into one of these abominable dolls, I saw a teardrop sliding down the buttons that were sewn in her face.

I felt those robust large hands again grab me and pin me down on the table I laid at; he tied a leather belt on my waist and neck and grabbed a rusty scalpel, I screamed and shrieked with such intensity that blood came gushing out of my throat as he began to cut open a smile along my cheeks. It felt like my entire face engulfed in hellfire, my sweat drops felt like acid sliding down my entire body as I squirmed in extreme anguish. He then grabbed a small chromed hammer and forced my mouth open and began pounding my teeth out with the hammer, with pincers he pulled out every remaining cuspids and molars, but the agony did not end there, with the same pincers he grabbed my tongue and with a savage thrust he ripped it out of my mouth. The pain was so fierce I was about to pass out, but I was denied the right to die; before I could even close my eyes, he stabbed me in the chest with an adrenaline shot and in a matter of seconds I was wide awake again. I coughed out blood and stared terrified at the masked man, he then took a needle, closed my mouth shut and sew an eternal smile on my face. He untied me and carried me like a rag doll and placed me next to my Debbie where he pushed my head against the wall and gouged out my eyes with a spoon. I was worn out and could no longer scream out, I felt how he sew buttons into my eye sockets and with this my horrors ended. I heard the man walk away and felt breathing on my neck; I knew it was her; I slithered towards my love and rest my head on her breast; his heavy boots get closer; she now embraces me until the day we draw our last breath.

This story is based on the true events of the “Lolita slave Doll” incident; where over a hundred orphan girls ranging between the ages of 5 – 8, were butchered and turned into sex objects to be sold in the deep web. There are many who try to disprove this incident however, the evidence regarding this case is limited. This story is an attempt to display the horrors that are broadcasted on the deep web daily and sold as entertainment, horrors that are ignored by the mainstream media and often fall on deaf ears. This is just another example that reality exceeds fiction, what you ultimately believe is entirely up to you.

By: Chris J. Orona

*Winner of the 2018 BB Horror Story Contest

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Boricua Beauty.

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1 thought on “The Dollhouse

  1. The end part depicts the sad reality of the World, unlike the stories where the protagonist comes and saves everyone. ( I really hoped he would though 😢)
    And the fact that it’s based on true events intensifies the horror and helplessness.
    My heart goes to those little girls.:-(

    Liked by 1 person

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