BB Horror Contest



Halloween is just around the corner, and Boricua Beauty will be having their first ever BB Horror Story Contest. Send us your most frightening and exhilarating writings for this spooky Holiday.

Every horror story submission will automatically become an eligible candidate to the BB Horror contest. We will only be accepting short stories for the contest, any other submission that is not a short story, will be disqualified. All participants will have their stories published on the Boricua Beauty Facebook and Twitter page, as well as our online magazine.

Participating is simple, read the rules to apply!

Submission Specifications

  • Each submission should have a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5 pages.
  • It can be based on real facts or an urban legend, but the participant must specify it.
  • The stories can be inspired on other existing work, but the participant must indicate the source of information if there is any work cited.
  • The stories must not contain any specific names of real life characters and the story cannot be exactly as the real fact, only as reference (ex. If the story is based on a real murderer or a victim).
  • The stories can be written in Spanish, English or Spanglish.

What do we look for?

Horrifying, scary and intriguing stories that leaves the reader blown away and thinking for a long time. Something that spurs emotions and evokes a mixture of feelings. In other words our judges want to get scared!

Who can participate?

Anyone 15+ living in Puerto Rico or the US

How to participate?

  • Send your submission with the full name or nickname you wish to share to our email:
  • Please include a link to any of your social media so we can tag you on our posts.
  • Submissions for contest will be open till October 31, but general submissions are always welcome.

Winner announcements:

As soon as our judges decide who the winners are, we will announce them through our Social Media pages, our webpage, and through an email notification.


  • There will be two grand prize winners, that will be chosen by the BB judges.
  • The first place winner will be awarded with a VISA Giftcard valued in $100.
  • The second place winner will be awarded with a VISA Giftcard valued in $50.

We will not accept any sensationalist writings, any text that does not meet these rules and specifications will not be published and will be immediately disqualified.

If the stories contain gruesome themes, depicts extreme violence, sexual content and/or any other mature theme will be categorized as explicit and mature.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Boricua Beauty. All the stories must be original, we do NOT support plagiarism.

Don’t ever think you’re not good enough every person has a talent and an experience worth sharing.

Best of luck to all and stay beautiful!!

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