Storyception 3: Their Myth

As the sun sets above the hustle and bustle of the capital city; a lone figure stands vigilant atop the highest skyscraper’s peak, he stares down the unsuspecting multitude of monotonous estranged mortals. With a smirk, he remembered the day he arrived on Earth. Every single human being dared to ignore him at that time, thinking that he was just another crazy man on the road doing some crazy predictions. But as soon as he released his magic, the laughs became screams of terror and panic got spread everywhere. President Trump sighed as he put out his cigarette, the last wisps of smoke leaving his ashen lips as he sat atop Trump Tower. How had it come to this? The plan was flawless, take the republican nomination and then run on the most heinous platform known to mankind. It would be a landslide victory for Clinton, and Putin’s damned pee tape wouldn’t mean a goddamned thing anymore.
It was quicksand, the political equivalent of the Devil’s Snare. The more outrageous and ridiculous you got, the more they ate it up. When the pussy- grabbing was casually thrown around I thought for sure that would do it, but Vlad has too much pull in this damn country.

Ah well, might as well enjoy it, off to the golf course tomorrow.”

A gun in one trembling sweaty hand and a cellphone in the other. The person is trembling due to the sudden decrease in the weather and the breeze and slight rain. They look down and a chuckle escapes them. They remember the time their mother told them about how people could look like ants. Everything was easier back then. A passing airplane brought them back to the present. A few hours ago, they had committed a crime. A few hours ago, they had received the phone call they never knew could exist. And now? Now they didn’t know what to do.

The lone man jumps off the building to his demise, but as he fell, through the rushing wind and the blur of the rapidly approaching pavement, a single thought cut clearly through his mind.

” Did I leave the oven on? Oh well…”

As he fell, he simply kept falling, but suddenly, a strange source of magic stopped him. He didn’t know what happened or why he got stuck in the middle of the air waiting for the inevitable to come. He tried to move and looked to where the magic came from and gasped. Terror covered his face. He started sweating and panicking over the flaming creature that was glaring and holding him with his powers. It was his wife.

The man laid there levitating, a couple of inches from the floor as his wife looked on in horror. “No. No. No. No”, she had told herself not to. Over and over actually. What was she going to do? She had always wanted to protect him from this. Now there was no turning back. Her mind raced as her feet scuttled across the floor. She looked at him with rage, she was mad, crazily furious. She moved her hands as if she were playing a piano, making sure he felt every piece of her power in his body. She smiled, her eyes glowing a shade of red, her hair flying and dancing on its own. She was ready to make him pay for this. But suddenly, goosebumps stopped her. Realizing what she was about to do, her arms started trembling, her head aching as she slowly became scared of what she was becoming.

Once again, she looked at him furiously. She was trying to control herself, but the only thing that came out of her mouth was, “you promised”. She moved her fingers, releasing her powers and making them create such pain in his body. He let out a huge yell while his arms and legs were slowly disappearing. “Your promised” was all she said with rage and tears.

That promise was still so vivid in her mind. He was now more confused. “Promised? What promise?” His mind was running wild, trying to remember something, anything. A simple detail that could lead him to say the answer his wife was looking for. While her husband is thinking what that vow could be, she erupted with tears in her eyes, “You promised to love me! “Her husband reacted in disagreement. For he still truly loved her. “You promised to love me even if our marriage isn’t real.

The man was jumbled as his wife insisted their marriage wasn’t real and kept weeping in anger, then unexpectedly, he yelled back at her. “What do you mean?!? Our marriage IS REAL! You don’t see it? All the things we’ve been through? All this empire I’ve built for us?! For you?! As he said that, the ground began to shake, and dark clouds covered the sky. He knew he made his wife angrier than before. But this time his fear vanished. He had to fight. He concentrated his powers and released them in a way that finally set him free from his lover’s wrath.

The Earth stood for a second after the man unleashed his outrage. The wife stood there opened eyed with disbelief as the buildings’ walls began to shake. They began sending huge vibrations that made the wife lose balance. The force was so strong that she could barely stand still and keep controlling her magic at the same time. Suddenly, the walls began to shake, and the floor broke into a million pieces. In less than a blink of an eye, her husband broke free from her and managed to stand on the ground, waiting for his beloved wife to fall. Meanwhile, the woman saw everything in slow motion. The crystals shattered into a million pieces as she fell. All the objects flying around as her hair moved with the wind. She knew this was her husband’s doing, and she wasn’t going to let him go that easily. The building turned to ashes as everything went to normal speed. The husband felt the wind coming at him and didn’t flinch. He crossed his arms calmly while watching a familiar figure walking towards him with powerful, but also terrifying grace and beauty.

Confusion was annexed by anxiety as she saw him. Staring. At her. His eyes were wild.

Her first instinct was to run. She needed time. For everything.

The terrifying yet stunning beauty approached them, as the man cynically smiled. The equally frightening, but scared wife had an incredulous look towards him. She didn’t know who she was and why she suddenly appeared in the city. Plus, she noticed that her husband seemed to know her. Why was he smiling like that? And why was she so scared of her? The mysterious woman saw everything that surrounded her and moved her long hair a bit before speaking. “Your time’s up, sweetie. Show him your true form.” The man understood what was happening. The beautiful woman, who’s dark aura surrounded the whole city was indeed the one, the real, and the only wife he had.

He knew it was time. Their myth would no longer remain in the realm of fiction. The man’s shadow spread from the center of his pose all the way across the city, swirling into the sky and dissipating into her aura. A tear slid across her cheek. She didn’t think he loved her enough. After everything they went through. But here he was. Ready and willing to annihilate everything and everyone just so they could start over. Their love would mean the end of the world. They didn’t care. They had their world.

By Boricua Beauty

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